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    Ren Sun lab at UCLA

         University of California, Los Angeles

Ren Sun, Ph.D.

Principal investigator


Our laboratory is currently investigating the tumorigenic nature of the herpesviruses, EBV and HHV-8. We will integrate biology and nanotechnology to define the underlying mechanism, and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, with murine gammaherpesvirus 68(MHV-68) as an in vivo model. We have previously identified Rta, a molecular switch that disrupts latency and initiates the lytic cycle. Using genomic approaches, we will identify the downstream target genes, and the cellular signal transduction pathways that control the expression and function of Rta and determine the optimal combination of these cellular factors/pathways to most efficiently reactive the herpesviruses, using a microfluidic system consisting of nano transducers. We will also identify cellular genes that play a role in viral replication and investigate the underlying molecular mechanisms. Another aspect that has captured our interest is the replication mechanism of hepatitis C virus (HCV). We recently conducted genome-wide mutagenesis to build a high-resolution functional map of the HCV genome, which lays the foundation for further mechanistic studies and discoveries of novel therapeutic targets. The other challenge we undertake is to apply nanotechnologies in viral detection and therapy. We plan to build linkers between proteins and nanowires or quantum dots, which will allow us to detect various viruses simultaneously. In addition, to develop new anti-viral therapies, we will use microfluidics to select specific inhibitors of viral and cellular proteins.  

650 Charles E Young Drive South

10-155 Factor Building

Los Angeles, California 90095

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