Five Drug Interactions

This page illustrates the effects of five-drug interactions on herpesvirus reactivation. The panel on the left shows a grid of different concentrations of drugs C4 (0 to 6 mM divided into 20 equally spaced points), and drug C5 (0 to 400 nM divided into 20 equally spaced points). Pointing the mouse on any grid point corresponding to a combination of drug concentrations of the C4 and C5 displays the KSHV reactivation rates with regard to different levels (concentrations) of the remaining three drugs (C1: 0, 2.5, 20, 320 nM; C2: 0-8 mM, C3: 0-80 uM).

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The figure on the right shows the KSHV reactivation rates for different levels of C1, C2, and C3 corresponding to the grid point chosen above. The drugs are:

C1: Bortezomib,

C2: db-cAMP,

C3: Prostratin,

C4: Valproate,

C5: Dexamethasone.