Supplementary figure 1


In this supplementary figure, correlated gene expression patterns are demonstrated. (A) Correlation matrices for those genes out of the 6,000 most strongly expressed which display a spatial expression correlation coefficient of > 0.75 with at least one other gene within the same brain. The genes in the normal omnibus matrix (left and right halves combined) were parsimoniously ordered using a similarity metric, and the same gene order was used to construct the corresponding matrix for the MA brain. The data was then separated into matrices for the left and right parts of the brain. Two mutually exclusive clusters of co-regulated genes emerged: cluster 1 (genes 1-53) and cluster 2 (genes 54-168).


(B) Spatial expression patterns of the genes shown in (A) for the normal and MA brain. The relative level of expression of any gene in any voxel is read by looking along the relevant row and column, finding the intersection, and referring to the scales. The voxel numbering in the columns of the matrix is such that voxel A1, A2, A3 I2, I3, I4 correspond to voxels 1, 2, 3 37, 38, 39, 40, respectively. The genes are in the same order as for (A). The two clusters of genes are apparent, and although these have highly conserved patterns of expression within the normal and PD brains, these patterns are somewhat divergent between the two brains. Cluster 1 is most strongly expressed in the anterior of the brain and cluster 2 in the posterior, including the cerebellum.



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