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Currently in Press

Kate Barzan Smith, Linh M. Tran, Brenna Tam, Elizabeth Shurell, Yunfeng Li, Daniel Braas, William Tap, Heather Christofk, Sarah Dry, Fritz Eiber and Hong Wu

"Novel Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma Xenograft Models Reveal PTEN Down Regulation as a Malignant Signature and Response to PI3K Pathway Inhibition "
The American Journal of Pathology 2013.


PTEN, Stem Cells, Cancer Biology

PTEN is the second most frequently deleted human tumor suppressor gene. PTEN mutation also was found to be the cause of three autosomal dominant tumor predisposition syndromes. A major focus of Dr. Hong Wu's research is to study the molecular mechanism of PTEN controlled tumorigenesis. For this, she has undertaken a combination of molecular genetics, cell biology and biochemical approaches. By analyzing cells and animals lacking the PTEN tumor suppressor, Wu and her colleagues have demonstrated that PTEN negatively regulates stem cell self-renewal, proliferation and survival. Thus, their study provides a strong link between stem cell biology and cancer biology and suggests that tumors may originate through the transformation of stem cells. They also established various animal models for human cancers, including mammary and prostate cancer models. These murine cancer models offer unique tools for both exploring the molecular mechanism underlying human cancers and for the development of new therapies.