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LAB STATEMENT: Our purpose in life is to investigate the essential retrovirus enzyme: integrase, and simultaniously drive prof. Chow crazy.

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About Us:

The Chow lab focuses its resources and research to the retroviruses, specifically HIV. HIV is a class of lentivirus, meaning HIV can have long periods of incubation in addition to the ability to attack non-dividing cells. The deadly nature of HIV, as well as other retroviruses, makes it an essential field for research.

The Chow Lab is currently investigating an essential part of the HIV virus: the integrase protein. The Integrase protein belongs to a family of viral Pre-Integration Complexes, which are important to the insertion of proviral DNA into the hosts' DNA.

Integrase carries out functions which are almost exclusively unique to retroviruses. There is no need for the human genome to add pieces of foreign DNA into their own. Thus the study and analysis of integrase is important not only for HIV research, but for retoviral research as a whole.



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